Sitemap - 2009 - Musings on Markets

The market value of Tiger Woods

Greece, EU and more on Implicit Backing for Debt

Dubai and the "implicit" guarantee

The CRU Scandals: A Reflection on Academia

A tax on financial transactions: Good or Bad Idea?

Macro Bets: A general framework..

The secrets behind John Paulson's success...

The Agency for Financial Stability? Good idea?

Bad companies and good investments...

Insider Trading: My Perspective..

Equity Risk Premiums: An Update

Bond Ratings: Why, how and what next?

Crisis Lessons: Presentation...

Leveraged Buyouts

The dangers of relative valuation

What is Twitter worth?

Buybacks and Stock Prices..

A Risk Argument: Democracies versus Dictatorships

One year later: The lessons from the crisis

Access to webcasts...

Commodity companies and commodity dependent markets

Peru and Brazil

Emerging Markets... and maturity....

Behavioral Corporate Finance 1: The Objective in Decision Making:

Behavioral finance and corporate finance

Losers and Winners: The inevitable consequence of risk taking...

Valuing declining and distressed companies

Valuing Young Companies

Macro and Market Timers

Culprit found for market crisis!!!!

MBAs and Ethics

Stockholder democracy...

Keep it simple!!

Buffett and Munger... Shock value!

The future of the MBA

Are accountants learning?

Losing, sustaining and building on brand names

Valuing brand names

The power of a brand name

Who uses preferred stock?

Preferred Stock: Fish or Fowl?

My thoughts on the AIG fiasco

Dealing with Hybrids

The Yankee infield and debt...

What is debt?

My favorite novels on financial markets

Why I cannot stand George Soros!

Buffett: Man or Myth

Fama-French and the Proxy Wars

Can betas be negative? (and other well used interview questions)

Alternatives to Regression Betas

The problem with regression betas

What betas can... and cannot do...

Executive Compensation Caps

Low riskfree rates...

Bias in Valuation

Rebirths and Fresh starts!

Data update for January 2009

Corporate Finance - post crisis

Accounting Fraud