Sitemap - 2011 - Musings on Markets

Do markets punish long term thinking? Amazon as a case study

Living within your limits: Thoughts on Research In Motion (RIM)

How much diversification is too much?

Following up on Groupon

Are you ready to value Groupon?

Growth (Part 4): Growth and Management Credibility

Growth (Part 3): The Value of Growth

Growth (Part 2): Scaling up Growth

Growth (Part 1): The Limits of Growth

Growth and Value: Thoughts on Google, Groupon and Green Mountain

Risk free rates and value: Dealing with historically low risk free rates

Ruminations on Rogue Trading

The Buffett Plan: An apt name for a sanctimonious, hypocritical and superficial proposal

Breaking up is easy to do...

Operation Twist II: The Fed as Chubby Checker

Class is in session...

Buffett and Bank of America: Playing Poker with Patsies...

Trapped Cash: Measurement and Consequences

Momentum versus Contrarian: Two Reads of the ERP

Chill, dude! It is not the ratings downgrade.. It is how you react to it!

A Sovereign Ratings Downgrade for the US? End of the world or bump in the road?

Stay Private vs Going Public: Changing landscape

Default and Bankruptcy: Black, white and shades of grey

From revenues to earnings: Operating, financing and capital expenses....

There is an app for that....

Thoughts on intrinsic value

Dual share structure: The Google model spreads

Valuing young growth companies: A postscript on Linkedin

Is Skype worth $8.5 billion? An exercise in valuing young, growth companies

The Little Book of Valuation

Alternatives to the CAPM: Wrapping up

Alternatives to the CAPM: Part 5. Risk Adjusting the cash flows

Alternatives to the CAPM: Part 4: Market-Implied cost of equity

Alternatives to the CAPM: Part 3: Connecting cost of debt to cost of equity

Alternatives to the CAPM: Part 2: Proxy Models

Alternatives to the CAPM: Part 1: Relative Risk Measures

Margin of Safety: An alternative risk assessment tool?

Breach of Trust: Bank Valuation after the banking crisis

Catastrophe and consequences for value

A tide in the affairs of men...

Luck versus skill: How can you tell?

Behavioral Economics: Thoughts on Value and Price

Buffett and Black-Scholes

Equity Risk Premiums: The 2011 Edition

Merck and Pfizer: Thoughts on investing as a patriotic duty and market efficiency

Dividend Policy for the 21st century

The unemployment rate: A look at the sampling question.

The Shift to Buybacks: Implications for investors

Tax policy

Buybacks and Stock Prices: Good or bad news?

Stock Buybacks: What is happening and why?

How much cash is too much? Looking at Apple

Herding behavior: Why, so what and what if?

The Facebook Valuation!