Sitemap - 2012 - Musings on Markets

Death and Taxes at year end: Unpredictable Certainties

The year in review: Apple's universe?

Acquisition Alchemy: Creating value from deals

Acquisition Accounting II: Goodwill, more plug than asset

Acquisition Accounting I: Accretive (Dilutive) Deals can be bad (good) deals

Acquisition Advice: Big deal or good deal?

Acquisition Hubris: Over confident CEOs and Compliant Boards

Acquisition Archives: Winners and Losers

HP's Deal from Hell: The mark-it-up and write-it-down two-step

Much ado about liquidity? Lockup expirations and stock prices

Storms and Stocks: Dealing with Disruptive Shocks

The Yankees' A Rod Problem: Sunk costs and investing

Private Equity: Too disruptive or not disruptive enough?

The disclosure dilemma: Why more disclosure has led to less information

Winning (losing) by losing (winning): The power of expectations

The "dividend tax" cliff approaches: Implications for stocks

Inspiration or Insanity? Fed action and Market Reaction

A new semester begins: Valuation class online

Apple's Crown Jewel: Valuing the iPhone Franchise

Groupon Gloom: Deal of the day or Death Spiral?

Facebook face plant: Time to friend the company?

Earnings surprises, price reaction and value

Equity Risk Premiums: Globalization and Country risk

Value Investing: Where is the beef?

Activist Value Investing: Be your own "change" agent

Contrarian Value Investing - Going against the flow....

Passive Value investing: Screening for bargains

Value Investing: An Identity Crisis?

How much is growth worth?

How much are you paying for growth?

Facebook: Sowing the wind, reaping the whirlwind

Facebook and "Field of Dreams": Hoodies, Hubris and Hoopla

Lessons learned, unlearned and relearned: A semester of online class

Governments and Value III: Bribery, Corruption and other "Dark" Costs

Governments and Value II: Subsidies and Value

Governments and Value: Part 1 - Nationalization Risk

Google splits its stock and spits on its stockholders

Emotions, Intrinsic value and Dividend Clienteles: The Apple trade postscript

Apple: Know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em..

Equity Risk Premiums: The 2012 Edition

Greg Smith on Goldman: An indictment of investment banking?

Apple: Thoughts on bias, value, excess cash and dividends

Facebook: Playing the "IPO pop" game?

The IPO of the decade? My valuation of Facebook

Options and Taxes: Is a "Facebook" tax next?

Moneyball and Investing: Data, Information and my 2012 Update

My small challenge to the "university" business model

Snowmen and Shovels: Investing Lessons?

Private Equity: Hero or Villain?

Auld Lang Syne: Remembering 2011