Sitemap - 2017 - Musings on Markets

Bitcoin Backlash: Back to the Drawing Board?

The Bitcoin Boom: Asset, Currency, Commodity or Collectible?

Deconstructing Amazon Prime: Loss Leader or Value Creator?

Tax Reform, 2017: Promise of Plenty or Poisoned Chalice?

A Tesla 2017 Update: A Disruptive Force and a Debt Puzzle!

The Crypto Currency Debate: Future of Money or Speculative Hype?

Online Teaching: Promise, Pitfalls and Potential!

The Dark Side of Globalization: An Update on Country Risk!

User/Subscriber Economics: Value Dynamics

User/Subscriber Economics: An Alternative View of Uber's Value

Uber's bad week: Doomsday Scenario or Business Reset?

A Tale of Two Markets: Politics and Investing!

A Valeant Update: Damaged Goods or Deeply Discounted Drug Company?

January 2017 Data Update 10: The Pricing Game!

Explaining a Paradox: Why Good (Bad) Companies can be Bad (Good) Investments!

My Snap Story: Valuing Snap ahead of it's IPO!

Apple: The Greatest Cash Machine in History?

January 2017 Data Update 9: Dividends and Buybacks

January 2017 Data Update 8: The Dark and Light Sides of Debt

January 2017 Data Update 7: Profitability, Excess Returns and Governance

January 2017 Data Update 6: A Cost of Capital Update!

January 2017 Data Update 5: A Taxing Year Ahead?

January 2017 Data Update 4: Country Risk Update

January 2017 Data Update 3: Cracking the Currency Code

January 2017 Data Update 2: The Resilience of US Equities!

Almost time for class: My Line Up for the Spring Semester!

Narrative and Numbers: How a number cruncher learned to tell stories!

January 2017 Data Update 1: The Promise and Perils of "Big Data"!