Sitemap - 2010 - Musings on Markets

Corporate finance in illiquid markets

Making money off illiquidity: Two Strategies

Asset selection & Valuation in Illiquid Markets

Asset allocation for illiquid markets

All assets are illiquid

Are complex models the answer?

The insider trading scandal: Thoughts about the hedge fund business

How do you evaluate risk taking?

Amateur Athletics

The secret to investment success: Self Awareness?

QE2 or the Titanic?

Nassim Taleb and the Nobel Committee

Inflation, deflation and investing

Jerome Kerviel is sentenced: Ruminations on risk and trading scandals

High dividend stocks: Do they beat the market?

A Corporate Governance Risk Manual

Past performance is no guarantee of future performance... but is anyone listening?

Checks and Balances: Eisner and Disney

Capital Structure: Optimal or Opportunisitic?

Time for class!!

Unstable risk premiums: A new paper

What if nothing is risk free?

Will the financial overhaul bill fix what's wrong with banks?

Valuation Approaches...

What is "fair value"?

Parent versus Consolidated financial statements

Cash and Cross holdings

"We are not in Kansas anymore"

The Goldman indictment

Currency Choices in Valuation

Stock versus Flow: My thoughts

Goodwill: Plug Variable or Real Asset?

Accounting inconsistencies

Government Default and Riskfree Rates

How do you measure profitability?

Equity Risk Premiums and the Fear of Catastrophe

The Fed Effect: Central Banks and Equity Value

Transactions Costs and Beating the Market

The Credit Default Swap (CDS) Market

Thoughts on the riskfree rate

Emerging versus Developed Markets: The margin shrinks in 2010

Time to Split!!

Bounceback in Multiples: The 2010 story

Reversal in Risk Premiums (or premia): The 2010 story

Data Update for 2010