Sitemap - 2020 - Musings on Markets

The Sharing Economy come home: The IPO of Airbnb!

A Viral Market Update XIV: A Wrap on the COVID market, premature or not!

Value Investing III: Requiem, Rebirth or Reinvention?

Value Investing II: Tough times for Value Investing - Passing Phase or a Changed World?

Value Investing I: The Back Story

Sounding good or Doing good? A Skeptical Look at ESG

Illusion, Perception and Reality: Stock Splits and Index Inclusions

A Viral Market Update XIII: The Strong (FANGAM) get stronger!

From Class Rooms to Class Zooms: Teaching during COVID times!

A Viral Market Update XII: The Resilience of Private Risk Capital

A Viral Market Update XI: The Flexibility Premium

A Viral Market Update X: A Corporate Life Cycle Perspective

A Viral Market Update IX: A Do-it-Yourself S&P 500 Valuation

A Viral Market Update VIII: A Crisis Test - Value vs Growth, Active vs Passive, Small Cap vs Large!

A Viral Market Update VII: Mayhem with Multiples

A Viral Market Meltdown VI: The Price of Risk

A Viral Market Meltdown V: Back to Basics!

A Viral Market Meltdown IV: Investing for a post-virus Economy

Data Update 7 for 2020: Debt Delusions and Reality

Data Update 6 for 2020: Profitability, Returns and the value of Growth

A Viral Market Meltdown III: Pricing or Value? Trading or Investing?

A Viral Market Meltdown Part II: Clues in the Debris!

Data Update 5: Relative Risk and Hurdle Rates

A Viral Market Meltdown: Fear or Fundamentals?

Data Update 4: Country Risk and Currency Questions!

Data Update 3 for 2020: The Price of Risk!

A Do-it-yourself (DIY) Valuation of Tesla: Of Investment Regrets and Disagreements!

An Ode to Luck: Revisiting my Tesla Valuation

Data Update 2 for 2020: Retrospective on a Disruptive Decade

Data Update 1 for 2020: Setting the table