Sitemap - 2013 - Musings on Markets

Value in the eye of the storm: Why you should welcome uncertainty!

Valuation Myths: Young companies cannot be valued

The Twitter IPO: Thoughts on the IPO End Game

Valuing Athlete Earning Potential? Tracking Arian Foster!

Chill, dude (Part II): Debt Default Drama Queens

When the pieces add up to too much: Micro Dreams and Macro Delusions

Twitter IPO: Why a good trade be a bad investment (or vice versa)?

Twitter announces IPO: The Valuation

The Brand Name Advantage: Valuable, Sustainable and Elusive

Rebirth and Reincarnation: Escaping the corporate death spiral

Decline and Denial: Thoughts on Blackberry Endgame and Microsoft as Value Trap

Twitter announces IPO: The Pricing Game begins

Many a slip between the cup & the lip: From forward value to value per share today

Love the company! Love the product! Love the stock? An Update on Apple

Tesla: A Follow up

Valuation of the week 1: A Tesla Test

MOOCs and Books: Spanning the Digital Divide

Market Mood Swings: Facebook Euphoria

Market Multiples: Global Comparison and Analysis

Developed versus Emerging Markets: Convergence or Divergence?

Rediscovering risk in emerging markets: A Country Risk Premium update

A tangled web of values: Enterprise value, Firm Value and Market Cap

The Fed and Interest Rates: Lessons from Oz

Equity Risk Premiums (ERP) and Stocks: Bullish or Bearish Indicator

Apple: News, Noise and Value

The Golden Rule? Thoughts on gold as an investment

A Sweet Spot for US Equities: Opportunity and Dangers

Marty Lipton: Shareholder Champion, Stakeholder Protector or Management Tool?

Hundred dollar bills are hard to come by!

Michael Dell's Conflicted Buyout

Financial Alchemy: David Einhorn’s “value” play for Apple

Back to Apple: Thoughts on value, price and the confidence gap

It's time: A new semester begins.. and you are welcome to join in...

Market Mayhem: Lessons for Apple

Are you a value investor? Take the Apple test

Data Update 2013: The Dark Side of Numbers