Sitemap - 2014 - Musings on Markets

The Oil Price Shock: Primary, Secondary and Collateral Effects

Up, up and away! A crowd-valuation of Uber!

Go where it is darkest: When company, country, currency and commodity risk collide!

Twitter's Bar Mitzvah! Is Social Media coming of age?

Focus Pocus: Is breaking up a cure for corporate attention deficit disorder?

HP's Break Up : Value Enhancement, Pricing Game or Management Hype?

"If you build it (revenues), they (profits) will come": Amazon's Field of Dreams!

Corporate Breakups: Value and Pricing Effects

Go Pro: Camera or Smartphone? Social Media or Electronics? Price or Value?

The Walking Dead: Blackberry, Yahoo and the Zombie Apocalypse!

Stock Buybacks: They are big, they are back and they scare some people!

Alibaba's Governance by Politburo: Corporate Governance and Value

Alibaba's coming out party: Valued right, but is it priced right?

The Education Business: A Road Map for Disruption

The Tax Dance: To Pass Through or Not to Pass Through Income?

Reacting to Earnings Reports: Let's get real!

Reacting to Earnings Reports: Pricing Metrics and Market Reactions

Reacting to Earnings Reports: Narrative Adjustments and Value Effects

The insanity of the US tax code: Bad Laws and Predictable Consequences

Investment Advice from the Federal Reserve: Unusual, unwise and unseemly!

Possible, Plausible and Probable: Big markets and Networking effects

Numbers and Narrative: Modeling, Story Telling and Investing

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble: The Costs and Benefits of Market Timing

A Disruptive Cab Ride to Riches: The Uber Payoff

Ballmer's bid for the Clippers: Investment, Trade or Expensive Toy?

Yahoo! A puzzle, a mystery and an enigma

Alibaba: A China Story with a profitable ending?

Watch the Gap: Apple's long and twisted pricing journey

Return to the firing line: Revisiting Tesla and hopefully living to tell the tale!

The impossible quest for fair markets: Pokemon cards, HFT and Life lessons

Impactful information is not always insider and insider Information is not always impactful!

If it is a strategic growth investment in China, the numbers don't matter! Or do they?

Bitcoin Q & A: Bubble or Breakthrough? Both! Cult or Currency? Both!

If Tim Cook does not care about the "bloody ROI", does he care about the "bloody stock price"?

If we don't do it, our competitors will! Defensive Dealmaking or Panicky Preemption?

Facebook buys Whatsapp for $19 billion: Value and Pricing Perspectives

Comcast bids for Time Warner Cable: Synergy, Reverse Synergy or Ego Trip?

Stock-based Employee Compensation: Value and Pricing Effects

Incremental News, Price and Value: The Twitter Earnings Report & Market Reaction!

Experiments in online teaching: My Spring Classes and an Online Valuation Class

The barbarians are at the gate! Of universities, moats and disruption!

The MOOC stumble: Lessons from Napster and the Music Business!

Numbers Time! Data update for 2014

A good year ends, but what's next for stocks?