Sitemap - 2016 - Musings on Markets

Active Investing: Seeking the Elusive Edge!

Active Investing: Rest in Peace or Resurgent Force?

Myth 5.5: The Terminal Value ate my DCF!

Myth 5.4: Negative Growth Rates forever? Impossible!

Myth 5.3: Growth is good, more growth is better!

Myth 5.2: As g-> r...To Infinity and Beyond!

Myth 5.1: If you don't believe in forever, you cannot do a DCF

Faith, Feedback and Fear: Ready for the Valeant Test?

Family Feuds: The Promise and Peril of Family Group Companies!

The Trump Effect on Markets: A Financial (not a Political) Analysis!

Myth 4.5: DCFs break down with near-zero risk free rates!

Myth 4.4: The D(discount) rate is a receptacle for your hopes and fears

Myth 4.3: The D cannot change (over time) in a DCF

Myth 4.2: It's all about D in the DCF

Myth 4.1: If you don't like betas (or modern portfolio theory),you cannot do a DCF!

Deutsche Bank: A Greek Tragedy at a German Institution?

Venture Capital: It is a pricing, not a value, game!

Fairness Opinions: Fix them or Flush them!

Keystone Kop Valuations: Lazard, Evercore and the TSLA/SCTY Deal

The School Bell Rings! It's Time for Class!

Mean Reversion: Gravitational Super Force or Dangerous Delusion?

Superman and Stocks: It's not the Cape (CAPE), it's the Kryptonite(Cash flow)!

The Bonfire of Venture Capital: The Good, Bad and Ugly Side of Cash Burn!

The Ride Sharing Business: Is a Bar Mitzvah moment approaching?

Investing and Valuation Lessons from the Renaissance

May you live in "exciting" times! An Updated Picture of Country Risk

Tesla: It's a story stock, but what's the story?

The Brexit Effect: The Signals amidst the Noise

Icahn exits, Buffett enters, Whither Apple? Value and Price Effects of Big Name Investing

DCF Myth 3.2: If you don't look, its not there!

DCF Myth 3.1: The Margin of Safety - Tool for Action or Excuse for Inaction?

DCF Myth 3: You cannot do a valuation, when there is too much uncertainty!

Valeant: Information Vacuums, Management Credibility and Investment Value

Negative Interest Rates: Impossible, Unnatural or Just Unusual?

Lazarus Rising or Icarus Falling? The GoPro and LinkedIn Question!

Management Matters: Facebook and Twitter!

The Disruptive Duo: Amazon and Netflix!

Race to the top: The Duel between Alphabet and Apple!

A Violent Earnings Season: Pricing and Value Perspectives

January 2016 Data Update 8: Pricing, with an end of month update

Corporate Finance 101: A Big Picture, Applied Class!

January 2016 Data Update 7: Dividends, Potential Dividends and Cash Balances

January 2016 Data Update 6: Debt, the double edged sword!

January 2016 Data Update 5: Making a case for corporate governance

January 2016 Data Update 4: The Costs of Capital

January 2016 Data Update 3: Country Risk and Pricing

January 2016 Data Update 2: Interest Rates, Exchange Rates and Currencies

January 2016 Data Update 1: The US Equity Markets