Sitemap - 2018 - Musings on Markets

Is there a signal in the noise? Yield Curves, Economic Growth and Stock Prices!

Investing Whiplash: Looking for Closure with Apple and Amazon!

The GE End Game: Bataan Death March or Turnaround Play?

An October Surprise? Making Sense of the Market Mayhem!

High and higher: The Money in Marijuana!

Amazon and Apple at a Trillion $: A Follow-up on Uncertainty and Catalysts!

Apple and Amazon at a Trillion $: Looking Back and Looking Forward!

Trillion Dollar Toppers: Market Triggers, Value Drivers and Pricing Catalysts!

Deja Vu In Turkey: Currency Crisis and Corporate Insanity!

The Privatization of Tesla: Stray Tweet or Game Changing News

Country Risk: A Midyear Update for 2018

Share Count Confusion: Dilution, Employee Options and Multiple Share Classes!

Twists and Turns in the Tesla Story : A Boring, Boneheaded Update!

User and Subscriber Businesses: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

Walmart's India (Flipkart) Gambit: Growth Rebirth or Costly Facelift?

Amazon: Glimpses of Shoeless Joe?

Alphabet Soup: Google is Alpha, but where are the Bets?

Netflix: The Future of Entertainment or House of Cards?

The Facebook Feeding Frenzy: Time for a Pause!

Come easy, go easy: The Tech Takedown!

Spotify Loose Ends: Pricing, User Value and Big Data!

Stream On: An IPO Valuation of Spotify!

Damodaran Online: There is an App for that!

Interest Rates and Stock Prices: It's Complicated!

Testing Times: Market Turmoil and Investment Serenity

January 2018 Data Update 10: The Price is Right!

January 2018 Data Update 9: Dividends, Stock Buybacks and Cash Holdings

January 2018 Data Update 8: Debt and Taxes

January 2018 Data Update 7: Growth and Value

January 2018 Data Update 6: A Cost of Capital Primer

January 2018 Data Update 5: Country Risk Update

January 2018 Data Update 4: The Currency Conundrum

January 2018 Data Update 3: Taxing Questions on Value

January 2018 Data Update 2: The Buoyancy of US Equities

January 2018 Data Update 1: Numbers don't lie, or do they?